Wednesday, September 17, 2014

FNSI sign ups

Been a bit on the quiet side this past week, being struck down by the latest flu/virus/infection....have not been feeling up to it so please excuse my absence....despite is the sign ups for this weeks Friday Night Sew In

YES, it has snuck up on us again, hasn’t it? 

I have some sweet Christmas fabrics (a metre each) for prizes this month for TWO lucky FNSI-er so make sure you’ve got your nibblies sorted and your stitching planned AND you sign up below….(don’t forget to blog about it on the weekend)  

If you’re new to Friday Night Sew In, read all about it in the tab labelled FNSI at the top of my blog….then sign up, join in on Friday Night and knock yourself out…..we do, and it’s always a blast!

Looking forward to stitchin with ya!

xox Sugary hugs :o) 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Let’s Start Christmas block 3 and a dose of healthy inspiration

Another Thursday already?  and it snuck up on me…..did it sneak up on you too?

I don’t know where these days are going, although I did spend a wonderful day (and evening) yesterday with Jen, talking all things stitchy and healthy and fun!

You see, Jen’s been on a detox and healthy raw food diet to help eliminate some nasties that have taken up home in her body, so we spent the day watching doco’s, eating healthy and sharing tips and recipes whilst we stitched away….can’t wait to try some of them….I’ve never felt so good…..honestly!

PicMonkey Collage1

I didn’t get home until nearly midnight *gasp*, as my secondary reason for my late night jaunt was to pick up my boy from the airport……let me just say, a 10pm flight arrival time followed by a one hour drive home does not do well for the nerves with all the wallabies on the side of the road……although it did give me time to spend with Jen, so……..there ARE advantages!

And today, being Thursday, is the release of my next Let’s Start Christmas Stitch-a-long block……we’re up to block 3 already….can you believe it?

IMG_4890 mod

and here it is – Block 3:  Peace.  Don’t we just need some Peace and Love in the world, especially now?   The block is only $2 and is available in my Craftsy store HERE.  There is a stitch-a-long Facebook group you can join in with too and for those that purchase each block, there will be a free table runner pattern using all 6 blocks, PLUS a couple of extra free stitchery panels!   And it can easily be stitched up in time for Christmas!  Double win!

I’m off to get my dose of healthy wellness at FMTV. I’m totally inspired!

Sugary hugs (healthy ones!) xox  :o)

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

FNWF and Fathers’ Day wishes

I wasn’t sure if I’d make it to Friday Night at Chez’s as hubby had 7 of his teeth out in hospital and I wasn’t sure what time we’d be home.  As it was, he was brought out to me at 7pm and we were able to make it home by 8…..he was such a trouper…..being a 55-year old male and never having had a surgical procedure in his life, we weren’t sure how he would handle it….all I can say is ……flying colours!

IMG_4840 (1024x862)


I did try and get some stitching done in the hospital whilst I waited….but the lighting was terrible and my eyes were beginning to hurt so I just put it away till I got home.  I did manage to catch up on a bit more of this though…..

IMG_4867 (1024x768)

Buuuuut… hit when we got home……

IMG_4842 (1024x1009)

…poor gummy bear was exhausted……or drugged to the eyeballs!   But that gave me time for some more stitching….or so I thought.  Whilst hubs was in theatre, I had a quick trip to Spotlight and found some Anchor threads marked down to 25c a skein…..could not pass it up so I figured now was as good a time as any to sort them out…..

IMG_4843 (1024x768)

and then I managed to squeeze in a little cross stitch….a brand new project (I know….I just can’t help myself!)

IMG_4868 (733x1024)

I certainly had a ‘different’ sort of FNWF, but one that I was very happy with as everything turned out perfectly!  Thanks for being a terrific host yet again Chez.  Why not pop on over to see what the other girls got up to on their Friday night.

bunting 3

Now, nearly two days later and hubby’s raring to go……he’s much, much better, and who would’ve guessed he’d be feeling so good after such a short time.  Thank you for the many good wishes and prayers….they certainly did the trick! 

Today we happily shared Shepherd’s Pie and ice cream (not together!) with his family for Fathers’ Day….something ‘safe’ to eat.  And he’s enjoying my his Fathers’ Day gift too…..

IMG_4866 (1024x1024)

Weeeell, I do heart my coffee! *wink*


A very happy Father’s Day to all our significant others…..we certainly couldn’t do without them, could we?

fathers day

(via Google Images)

Sugary hugs xox :o)

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Release of Block 2: “Love” –Let’s Start Christmas SAL

It’s been a week since the start of our stitch-a-long and there’s been such wonderful feedback…..thank you all so much….you really are good for my ego!!  But believe me, my feet are still planted firmly on the ground!

I know you’ve been waiting, ever so patiently, so now to release……

BLOCK 2: Love


Pop on over to Craftsy to get your copy, and if you haven’t got the first block yet, you can grab it there too. 


And remember to pop on over to our Facebook page and see what others have been up to.  While we’re at it, don’t forget to add the ‘Let’s Start Christmas SAL’ button to your sidebar to share the Christmas Love.

lets start Christmas SAL button

 I really must figure out how to write code for these buttons, but for the meantime, you can just copy and paste to your ‘pictures’ folder and then upload to your sidebar on Blogger.

needle banner

Remember tomorrow night is Friday Night With Friends over at Cheryll’s so pop on over and sign up for a virtual stitching frenzy! 

F.N.W.F.- another one on September 5th

Not sure if I’ll make it as hubby’s surgery is at 2 tomorrow afternoon but I’ll be taking some stitching with me, just in case…..and I’ll be stitching later on in the evening when we finally get home, because I don’t think we’ll be home too early with the hospital over an hour away.

Looking forward to seeing your  Love blocks.

Sugary hugs xox :o)

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Monday, September 1, 2014

now it’s my turn to ‘Blog Hop with a Difference’

You’ve probably noticed a few bloggers  participating in the Blog Hop With A Difference lately.

It's almost like a relay, passing the baton from one creative blogger to another three creative bloggers, and the plan is that it continues on and on.

The purpose of this blog hop is for each blogger to tell their readers a little about their life as a creative person and what makes them tick, so today it’s my turn.  You’ll find out a little more about me because I got tagged by my nearest and dearest, Jenny from Jenny of Elefantz

So….here’s me……I’m Wendy Bertello of Sugarlane Designs (who’da thunk!)

1959755_813418955354394_813256542_n (110x146)

I’m going with the questions Jen asked of me …. here goes…..

What am I working on right now?

hmmmmmm….I have a number of irons in the fire……I’m not one to just be doing one thing and finishing it totally before I start another…..that’s my worst trait I think….or perhaps it’s just a quilter’s trait?  At the moment I’ve started the Let’s Start Christmas Stitch-a-long with 6 stitcheries that I’ve designed, stitched up and made into a table runner for Christmas.  So at the moment, I’m finishing the runner and writing the patterns hurriedly, for the release of the next stitchery block on Thursday over in my Craftsy shop.

IMG_4736 (1024x768)

I’m  drawing up some extra stitcheries to add to the table runner and I’ll be stitching them up this week too.  When I’m not working on my own designs, I’ve been working on the gorgeous Plates Stitchery BOM by Nikki Tervo of Brandy Gully Patchwork

IMG_4796 (1024x768)


images (2)

How long does it take to create a project?

It really depends on what it is…..some are quite quick and some seem to take forever.  Mostly though, I can create something in a week or so, if I’m designing from beginning to end…..something like my Christmas Stitcheries only took a couple of days each but my “I’ll be Gnome for Christmas” Lap quilt took a couple of weeks.


It really depends as I have to fit it into my schedule of volunteer, Association President, mother, wife and crafter…….I’m sure you understand what I mean!?

images (2)

What are my favourite things to create with at the moment?

I’ve had a real hankering for working with paper pieced hexies…you can see these in my Love Life bag….

PicMonkey Collage (1024x799) (2)

…and on another upcoming design…..

DSCN0183 (1024x768)

I am also always strongly drawn to stitcheries…..I think a project feels a bit ‘naked’ without even a little bit, and I’m quite fond of applique too.  I’m a true Gemini…..always drawn to the next style, never wanting to settle for just one!

images (2)

How does my creative process work?

Generally, I’ll come up with a design idea, and jot it down quickly in my drawing folio….I roughly sketch the idea out….and when I say roughly, I mean ROUGHLY!  (I really am not talented in the drawing aspect….I’m comfortable with a needle and thread but pencil and paper threaten me no end!)  I’ll then jot down any requirements I think of that I might need, work out sizes and grab them out of my stash (or organise to buy some more….that’s ALWAYS an option, right?), along with fabric choices and thread choices and bundle them all up in a plastic container so I can find them again.  Anyone who knows me knows that I have a bit of a cluttered brain (and work area) so keeping it altogether is definitely a good start!

I’ll draw out a couple of ‘takes’ in pencil lightly, using Google images as a reference point (like I said, I’m not an arty person….I’m crafty *wink* but not arty) then finalise it in a Sharpie or black Artline fine point marker.  When I’m creating it, I have a notepad by the cutting table/sewing machine so that I can jot down notes, such as measurements or steps in the process as I go along…..I did say I have a cluttered brain?  It’s far easier for me to refer back to notes than to try and remember what I did at step 47 out of 101 steps.

Lots of the processes are trial and error too….if I try something new, I will visualise it in my head, step by step, but as I’m more of a tactile learner, I tend to like making that section up in paper first, if I can (I don’t like wasting my fabric stash!).

images (2)

How do I become inspired and stay inspired?

I know it sounds a bit cliche, but I get inspiration from everywhere!  I’m a words-type person…..I absolutely LOVE words and inspirational quotes, so often a stitchery design will come from that.  Being a ‘glass half full’ gal, I believe that you should never leave feelings for someone unspoken…and as not all people wear their hearts on their sleeves, a stitchery design can often convey how much someone means to you.

Sometimes it’s something I’ve seen in the garden, or a colour palette that twigs an idea in my head.  Even just thoughts of a season or event bring ideas flooding to mind.  Situations, such as the illness of my father in law earlier this year, inspire me ….and which gave birth to the ‘Love Life’ bag.

I stay inspired by being aware of being open to new designs……having that ‘sense’ of designing switched on at all times……(you really NEVER know when it’s going to strike)….I visit sites like Pinterest (but you knew that already) and that’s always a great inspirational minefield…..I get lost in there for hours… hubby’s even banned me and limited my Pin-time!  Also by visiting other designers and bloggers and looking on websites selling quilting fabrics, because often a fabric line will bring ideas spilling out of my head.

images (2)

What is my signature style?

yep….that one I’m not sure of yet.  I think I’m still evolving.  Jen and I have discussed this one in depth and she thinks I may have an eclectic style….perhaps it IS the Gemini in me, I don’t know.  I guess mine is a positive, inspirational, words-based style that’s sometimes modern, sometimes not, sometimes shabby, sometimes not, sometimes girly, sometimes not, sometimes traditional, sometimes not.  Maybe you’ve spotted a ‘style’ that I’ve missed?  I’d love to hear your thoughts?!

images (2)

So now it’s time to pass on the baton…….these three ladies are ones I admire greatly and I know their stories will inspire you too…..

Vicki of The Pickledish Patch

Allie of allie-oops sweet happy life

Marilyn of Mardi Meanderings

Pop on over to their blogs next Monday 8th September, to see what makes them tick!

images (1)

Just a reminder……pinch and a punch for the first day of the month!….and the first of spring here in the southern hemisphere! 

IMG_4549 (1024x768)

Sugary hugs xox  :o)

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

OPAM finishes for August

Is it REALLY the end of the month already????

Where does the time go?  This year just seems to have raced past…….how on earth does that happen!

Oh well, so much to be grateful for….some don’t have the luxury of becoming older so I’m really not complaining.

Anyway….I have some finishes to share (believe it or not…..I surprised myself!)

IMG_4805 (1024x1024)

Quilty Stitches….all framed and hanging in my ‘cave’.  I love this one.  Blocks are still available to download over on Little Miss Shabby’s blog…..the link is in my sidebar.

Last night I finished this …….It’s a gift so I can’t show you much more….yet!  Needless to say it’s done and ready to post.

IMG_4806 (1024x768)

Dont you just love the Riley Blake fabric?  So bright and cheery!

IMG_4812 (768x1024)

I also finished these 4 cuties….

IMG_4655 (1024x1024)

and a stitchery/applique design that’s coming up in a future Patchwork & Stitching magazine.

DSCN0232 (1024x768)

that’s all I can show you but trust me, it’s done and dusted and in the hands of the editor!

Happy days!

Sugary hugs xox  :o)

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Almost Finishes

Wow…..thank you to everyone for such a wonderful response to my new Christmas Stitch-a-long yesterday……I’m overwhelmed and, dare I say, relieved!? 

You never know when you ‘put something out there’ how it will be received….sometimes, when you love something you’ve created, that you’ve put your heart and soul into, you find no-one really has the same ‘love’ as you do…it’s a bit shattering…..but, I’m learning, that’s all part of designing, and I’m grateful for what I’m able to do, that’s for sure.  I wouldn’t change it for the world.

IMG_4786 mod

However, the response to the first block, “Noel”, has blown me out of the water….I’m so happy as I really like this one…and the rest are pretty good too (if I do say so myself *insert cheeky grin*).  We made it to number one on the Craftsy Top 20 list so you should see my puffed up chest now!  I’m really honoured and proud!

crafsty trending no 1 (1024x576)

So it’s a hearty, THANK YOU to you all for supporting me in my quest to spread some Christmas cheer!  And if you haven’t got your block yet, you can do so HERE….and don’t forget to join our Facebook group to share your progress and share the button on your sidebar.

lets start Christmas SAL button

Now, apart from that…..I have been finishing some other stitcheries……

The final block……

IMG_4794 (1024x768)

my Quilty Stitches sampler is done (but not framed!)  I bought a frame yesterday that I thought would be ‘perfect’ but I didn’t realise the size meant from edge to edge, not the inside frame size so it was too small….off to look for another today! Sad smile

IMG_4792 (1024x768)

Another finish (almost)….well, the stitching part….

IMG_4790 (768x1024)

terrible….not even pressed!  You can still see the hoop marks! *eek*  This is a Natalie Bird from The Birdhouse design.  An oldie, called “Old Friends”…..see?  I am getting through some of my K.A.R.T.S. and UFO’s, at last!

Off to visit the surgeon today….hubby has to have 7 teeth removed next Friday….they’re trying to discount abcesses causing a blood disorder he has developed!  Prayers and/or positive thoughts appreciated at all times gratefully. We’re really over doctors and hospitals this year!

Sugary hugs xox :o)

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